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Garry has held Construction Executive roles in Australia for the past 15 years. Having sat on both sides of the fence, building high-calibre teams in the construction environment, and now leading OneStart. Garry knows too well the challenges with resourcing and the frustrations that go with it.

“I could see a strong point of difference and unique opportunity for OneStart with my background.”

Starting his career as a tradesman and working his way through the ranks, Garry has always held a passion around connecting with people. This lead Garry to study the Social Psychology of Risk under Dr Robert Long.

During Garry’s career in construction risk management and working with large corporate firms, he says “You can have the best risk management systems in place in an organisation, but if the engagement of people isn’t sincere, meaningful and genuine, you won’t have much at all”.

Garry launched OneStart in 2020 after a very rewarding four years previously working with Richard Crookes Constructions which he says was “A great company and great learning for me.”

During a very strong growth period at RCC, Garry built a team of over 35 Safety Managers and Advisors across the group. “I really enjoyed the mentoring side, finding the best people in the market, and leading the corporate strategy around risk”.

Garry is a very well respected member of the safety & risk community in Australia, and has an impressive portfolio of Australian and Global organisations that he has worked with over his career.

“OneStart allows me to extend and share my network of top performers and continue to engage with the industry that I love.” - Garry Mansfield, 2021

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